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David Barbour welcomes you to the dB Acoustics and Environmental Services web site.
In the Scottish Building Regulations, the ability to carry out sound insulation testing depends on a combination of qualifications, expertise and membership of a professional organisation. My personal details are as follows:
BSc (Hons) in Environmental Engineering,    MSc in Applied Physics.
I have been carrying out sound insulation tests in Scotland since 1984, initially through the Building Acoustics Group at Glasgow College of Building and then through the Department of the Built and Natural Environment at Glasgow  Caledonian University.  I formed dB Acoustics and Environmental Services in 2004 and continue to work in acoustics specialising in the areas of sound insulation and environmental noise.
Membership of a Professional Organisation:
Corporate Member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA),
Registered with the Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer(CEng).er     
Sound insulation between dwellings is considered an important aspect of domestic building design. Good sound insulation is achieved using floor and wall specifications that are known to achieve good test sound test ratings, by the provision of sufficient design information in terms of detailed floor and wall sections and details at perimeter junctions and by good site installation and workmanship.
Sound insulation tests can be carried out to fulfil the following aims:
Obtain  airborne (DnT,w) and impact (L’nT,w) ratings  for new build separating floors, airborne (DnT,w) ratings for new build separating walls and impact ratings for roofs and walkways over dwellings.
Obtain a pretest rating for an existing floor or wall to check for compliance or non-compliance with the standards set out in the Technical Handbook Section 5 ‘Noise’ - Domestic 2010.
Investigate the sound insulation performance of an existing separating floor or wall to confirm occupant noise complaints.