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Environmental Services

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Environmental Noise Assessment

An environmental noise survey involves a visit to the site carry out daytime and night time noise measurements. The most common noise sources are road and rail traffic. We use SoundPlan software for site modelling and noise prediction.

Noise at Work Assessment

The Noise at Work regulatuions set out standards regarding work related noise and vibration exposure. We can assess personal noise exposure, hard arm vibration and whole body vibration. 

Ground Vibration


Acoustical Quality of 

Internal Spaces

Sound Insulation

Ground vibration is usually assessed when new build dwellings are to be  constructed within 25 m of a railway line. We can measure vibration during train passes and quantify the vibration in  terms of 

human vibration experience.


The internal acoustic experience 

of spaces can be controlled by the 

reverberation time. We can design the internal space to predict the reverberation time using EASE software and measure the reverberation time upon completion. 

We can predict the sound insulation of floor and wall details based on our large data base collected since 1984 and using INSUL software.

We can sound insulation test floors and walls through the Scottish Building Technical Standards Section 5 -'Noise'. We are currently accredited for sound insulation testing in Scotland through the Insitute of Acoustics (IoA) but are applying to join the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC).